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JUST US seeking the Common Good: out of the Silence

"We are being invited to awaken to our true nature as spirit beings, energy shapers, and prophets of potential . . ." - Barbara Holmes

Awakening to our ‘true nature’ often requires that we listen for it. The busy-ness of our days makes that hard to do if we don’t set aside time. And then, even when we sit with anticipation, we sometimes feel like nothing happens! Maybe being is what happens that prepares us for our potential . . .

What would you have for me, O God?

I come to meet you here

to be still

to sit in awareness of my breathing

seeking your presence.

I want a revelation

an epiphany

an assurance

a moving sense of presence.

I want a sense of other-worldly

but I am very much in this body

and in this space.

Suddenly what is inside of me, what is nestled deep within my bones

expands to meet my skin and the space in which I dwell.

My breath pulls the outside in 

and returns the inside out.

I receive no message, no epiphany,

I simply am.

My being is porous while keeping its shape

my boundaries are blended with what is beyond me.

My other world is this world and the Presence throughout 

weaving energy and connection with it all. 

I have no grand thought

no direct mission

no word to share.

I simply am.

united within and without

Called to be in the world

to love it as it is

to be energy and potential.

I am present



What wondrous Love is this.


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