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Mission. Community. Generosity.

These are words many often use to describe NorthPark Presbyterian Church.

The Mission Committee prioritizes organizations whose programs strengthen community and improve lives, and whose work aligns with NorthPark’s mission priorities, commitments, and impact areas.  

The organizations who received a benevolence and/or endowment in 2023-2024 are:

Bryan's House
Camp Gilmont
Heart House
Interfaith Family Services
Literacy Achieves
MEDS for Africa
Redeemed Women
Paper for Water
Parkinson Voice Project
Presbyterian Pan American-School
The Stewpot
University of the Ozarks
Vickery Meadow Food Pantry

Mission Benevolence Grants are by invitation only. Organizations interested, submit a letter of inquiry to

Rev. Nicole Bates.


Mission Endowment Grants fund specific projects of partner ministries. Organizations interested,

apply here no later than May 1.

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