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JUST US Seeking the Common Good: Salt of the Earth

You are the salt of the earth. How are we seasoning it with justice? You are the light of the world. How are we a public witness illuminating what God desires for Beloved Community? As followers of Jesus, the rhythms of our spiritual practices extend beyond worship, study, and prayer to co-creating with God the foundations of Beloved Community. Now is the time…

I’m going to keep it simple. Go vote! 

The Presbyterian Directory for Worship (W-5.0304) expands on the church’s commitment to God’s justice ~ God sends the Church to work for justice in the world…Seeking dignity and freedom for all people; promoting justice and fairness in the law; overcoming disparities between rich and poor; bearing witness against systems of violence and oppression; and redressing wrongs against individuals, groups, and peoples. 

We can do all the mission work we are inspired to do. We can share our testimony. We can pray for change. And. It is our responsibility as people of faith, and as faithful citizens, to season our governing bodies with legislators and laws that illuminate the common good. 

The primaries are often the crucial place to make that happen. 

A few facts from the Secretary of State: 

  • there are 22 million Texans that could be voting

  • 19% are not registered 

  • And roughly 3% of the state (700,000 voters) are driving the policy conversations in Texas

Your vote matters. And beyond that, building a relationship with your legislator matters so they know what matters to you. 

If you did not participate in early voting, be prepared to vote on March 5. BallotReady provides one-stop information to Texas voters, from who and what is on the ballot to whether you are registered and where to go vote.

On February 3, North Texas Faith Votes in coordination with Texas Impact held an informative event here at NorthPark Pres. If you missed it, I encourage you to check it out here and learn more about the importance of our civic engagement. 

You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Let it be so.


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