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Share your recommendation with the Nominating Committee Chair, Miya Maysent, by submitting the online form below. Forms are also available at the welcome desk and can be placed in Miya's box located in the workroom by Sunday, July 7. 


Please include the following:

  • Nominee’s Full name 

  • Elder or Deacon

  • Why you feel the person would make a good leader

  • Whether or not you have asked this person if they would like to serve


Here are some of the traits we look for in Deacons:

  • Excited about drawing people together

  • Engaged by the idea of showing compassion and care to those in our congregation

  • Invested in the growth of God’s community here at NPPC*


Here are some of the traits we look for in Elders:

  • Diplomatic and able to really hear ideas they may not agree with

  • Interested in the details of running an organization like NPPC

  • Devoted to ensuring that the mission of NPPC thrives


Your Nominating Committee needs these responses by July 7 to ensure they are able to give all suggestions the merit and consideration deserved.


NPPC Nominating Committee

Miya Maysent, Chair

Carol Jean Dunlap
Melanie Hedricks
Larry Peters

*NorthPark Presbyterian Church

Choose One

We appreciate your submission! Thank you!

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