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Casa de Vida

Casa de Vida is a once-a-week respite program for the caregiver of a loved one with early onset Alzheimer’s (AD) or related dementia being cared for at home.

With Alzheimer’s disease it can be said that there are two victims – the patient and the caregiver.  Medical care is available to the patient but, all too often, the caregiver struggles alone through the 24-hour task of caring for their loved one.  Respite programs for caregivers are few and can be costly.

Through its Casa de Vida outreach ministry, NorthPark Presbyterian Church offers a timeout for caregivers.  For four hours each Tuesday Casa de Vida provides a respite for individuals caring for loved ones with early onset Alzheimer’s or related dementia living at home.  Open to persons of all faiths, races and ethnicities, Casa de Vida offers a breather to the caregiver, an opportunity to run errands, visit friends, shop or just go home for a quiet time.
Meanwhile the loved one takes part in an activity-based program from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Life enhancing activities include music, art, exercise, games, “Memory Lane” and crafts. Bingo, prizes and all, is a favorite activity.   “Sing-A-Long with Bill and Maria” closes the day after a snack lunch.  Once a month NorthPark pastors conduct a short worship and communion service.  Faith Companions are a very special element of this program.  A Faith Companion is assigned to each participant and becomes that participant’s “new best friend.” The Faith Companion is there to reassure the participant and provide a sense of weekly continuity.  Faith Companions and their participants develop special relationships.    

For more information about the program, including volunteer opportunities and requirements, please contact Molly Stewart at (214) 349-6072.

For more information regarding procedures for admission to Casa de Vida and criteria for admission, contact Ann Anderson at (972) 783-8780.