Meds for Africa

Church members Dr. David and Mrs. Cherry Haymes have been instrumental in leading medical mission trips to Africa and in founding MEDS for Africa.

Funds from the NorthPark Capital Campaign were allocated to the Tumutumu Hospital in Kenya for the setup of the Eye Clinic in 2012. The clinic was completed that summer.  

Blindness and poor vision have significant economic impacts on those afflicted and on the social fabric of communities.  Besides limiting a person’s ability to work, children and other relatives of those afflicted are consigned to be caretakers – limiting their access to employment and education.  There is also a well established link between poor eye health and mental health.

MEDS for Africa designates: MEDICINE, EDUCATION and DENTAL assistance for our brothers and sisters in an impoverished area in Kenya. To learn more visit the MEDS for Africa website.

Meds for Africa
Healing Hands Ministries

Healing Hands Ministries

Healing Hands Ministries has created a legacy of hope. It’s a place where dignity is restored and each patient is treated with respect and genuine quality care.

Families are empowered. Parents don’t have to choose between rent or medicine or which child will receive treatment. Mothers and fathers can be treated, too, and receive the care they need without compromise. Healing Hands Ministries builds trust with families by providing reliable, effective, efficient health care services to manage their acute and chronic diseases.

Visit the Healing Hands website for more information. 

Vickery Meadow Learning Center

The Vickery Meadow Learning Center is focused on the literacy levels of the residents in the Vickery Meadow area Dallas, just across the South Central Expressway from NorthPark Presbyterian Church.

Vickery Meadow is densely populated, and a large percentage of the residents are functionally illiterate or cannot speak English. The Center provides classes in English as a Second Language, work place literacy, and citizenship, and also partners with NorthPark Presbyterian to provide GED classes.

The Vickery Meadow Learning Center was founded on the principal that literacy and education improve lives, and as a reflection of the success the center has brought to its community, VMLC has been honored for several years by the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Reads for its accomplishments in the field.

Visit the Vickery Meadow website for more information about community programs.

Vickery Meadow Dallas TX
Reading Angels

Reading Angels

Reading Angels spend time each week at one of our Vickery Meadow elementary school campuses sharing the gift of stories with these students. 
One of the simplest ways to encourage education is to foster a love of reading.  Anyone who can read is qualified!  
For more information please contact Ellen Mata, Director of Missions and Older Adult Ministries.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels, a program run by the Visiting Nurses Association of Texas, has been supported by NorthPark Presbyterian members for over 40 years. Our volunteer week is the second week of each month and we deliver daily, Monday through Friday.

For more information about becoming a Meals on Wheels volunteer, please contact NorthPark member Jean Wood.

Meals on Wheels
The Stewpot

The Stewpot & The Bridge

The Stewpot is a haven for homeless and at-risk men, women, and children in Dallas providing meals, a food pantry, dental clinic, inner city youth programs, drug and alcohol counseling, I.D. documentation, limited employment assistance, and mail service.

Members of NorthPark Presbyterian help feed the homeless at The Bridge by serving lunch on the fourth Thursday of each month. To participate, meet at the church by 11:30 a.m. to carpool downtown.

For more information about volunteering, please contact NorthPark member Harry Wood at 972.783.9559.

English Language Ministry

ELM is the English Language Ministry, a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to improve the literacy level of mothers and primary caregivers and to promote responsible self-sufficiency by offering quality instruction in English as a second language to non-English speaking adults.

Using a curriculum based on life skills, ELM prepares students to read traffic signs and employment applications, write notes to teachers, and speak with doctors and other health care professionals.  Many students are motivated to attend ELM classes by their desire to read to their children or read the Bible.  A majority of ELM students are Hispanic, but some are immigrants from Korea, Congo, and other countries.

Literacy tutors at ELM have changed the lives of more than 2,500 women and their children in East Dallas since 1994.  ELM continuously seeks volunteer tutors  (you do not have to speak any other language to tutor!) to teach one morning per week, as well as volunteers to assist with the computer lab or office projects that enable the organization to run more efficiently.

ELM was founded by churches in the East Dallas Christian Parish with the belief that a mother’s literacy is the single greatest indicator of her child’s achievement. NorthPark Presbyterian Church supports ELM with volunteers and grants.

Visit the ELM website for more information.

English Language Ministry
Children's Homes Services

Children's Home and Services

Presbyterian Children’s Homes & Services (PCHAS) has provided Christ-centered services to children and families in crisis for over a century. On any given day, PCHAS serves 130 children in the 19 Group Homes located in Itasca, Waxahachie, San Antonio, Duncanville and Austin. An additional 70 children are served in the 35 Fosters Homes located in north central Texas. Another 300 children and their families are served each month by the Child and Family Programs located in Houston, Corsicana, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, Austin, Kilgore, and Dallas (with Shreveport opening in 2004.)  The Advanced Education Program has 34 young adults enrolled in college, universities, and technical schools.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes & Services demonstrates to children that God’s love can be trusted, that it is unconditional and everlasting. Volunteer opportunities exist at the Child and Family Programs in Dallas and Fort Worth and on the Itasca Campus.

Visit the PCHAS website to learn more.

Grace Presbyterian Village

Grace Presbyterian Village provides older adult housing, long-term care, related services, community outreach and newly formed faith based hospice care.  Motivated by a spirit of Christian love and concern for quality living, Grace Presbyterian Village seeks to be holistic in its program through contributing to the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being of its residents.

Grace Presbyterian Village is a non-profit, continuing care retirement community that has 38 years experience, and a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation. The Village rates in a special BEST ranking by the Insider Guide to America's Nursing Homes. Affordable care is offered to older adults for independent and assisted living. A high staff ratio allows personalized care. Two special care wings offer Alzheimer's and dementia residents a secure, home-like setting with gardens.  A trained staff assists in maintaining an active independent lifestyle, as well as, providing support and education to families.

Visit the Grace Presbyterian Village website for more information.

Grace Presbyterian Village
North Dallas Shared Ministries

North Dallas Shared Ministries

North Dallas Shared Ministries provides charitable assistance for persons in need; promotes a sense of self-respect and responsibility; and works with other organizations to respond to conditions of human need. North Dallas Shared Ministries is a cooperative effort of 52 North Dallas congregations that combine resources to provide appropriate emergency help for people residing primarily in 20 zip codes in North Dallas.

NDSM provides food, rent/utility assistance, medical assistance, transportation and identification needs assistance. NDSM provides multiple programs to meet the client’s immediate needs. NDSM also provides services such as employment assistance, literacy and ESL classes, life skill and job training to promote permanent self-reliance.

In April of 2000 NDSM opened an on-site medical clinic, and a clothes closet. All of the programs are carried on by volunteers. NDSM has over 500 volunteers, including 3 full time administrators (only 1 paid).

Volunteer opportunities: Interviewers, panty workers, job counselors, literacy instructors, computer workers, child care workers, ESL instructors, receptionist, drivers, general office workers, government and history teachers, clothes closet, and medical clinic volunteers are needed. Call for further information on the different volunteer opportunities.

Visit the NDSM website for more information.

Family Gateway

Family Gateway provides comprehensive services to families who are in crisis, such as counseling, temporary housing, job search and placement assistance, transitional living apartments, and community transitional services. The program offers training and counseling which are intended to restore dignity, stability and self-sufficiency to the family unit.  All programs and environments are designed to create an atmosphere of emotional, social and economic empowerment.

Family Gateway has both shelter facilities and apartments for families in transition. The primary objectives are to satisfy the basic need for food and housing, to counsel adult family members on how to effectively handle personal, social, familial and financial crises, to reduce anxiety caused by the stress of homelessness, and to establish stability in school, work, finances, housing and family relations, and to prevent homelessness by breaking the cycle.  Family Gateway’s objectives are met with the effective use of both staff and volunteer time and skills. One year after graduating from the Family Gateway program, 70% of the families are maintaining continuous employment and 77% of  the children are in families maintaining stable housing in the community.

Volunteer opportunities:  Assistance with all phases of the children’s programs; tutors for training classes in parenting, budgeting, goal setting, etc.  Handy persons  are needed to help with all types of maintenance, and fix-up/clean-up activities. Clerical assistants, computer instructors and computer maintenance / repair assistants are also needed. Hours and training vary according to the volunteer opportunity.

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator
Location: Family Gateway
2910 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX  75201
Discover more on the Family Gateway website

Family Gateway
Bread Ministry

Bread Ministry

Currently there are two opportunities to assist in getting day old bread and baked goods to those in need.
Each Thursday NorthPark Presbyterian members gather items from a local Albertsons grocery store and deliver them to The Bridge for sharing with the homeless.
Also, each Saturday morning a local Tom Thumb donates its day old breads and baked goods which are delivered to Vickery Meadow Food Pantry for food bank clients.
Contact Ellen Mata, Director of Missions and Older Adult Programs, for more information on how you can participate.