Reverse Food Truck

The Reverse Food Truck, an outreach of NorthPark Presbyterian Church, seeks to reduce food insecurities in Dallas by collecting donations, both non-perishable and monetary, for our community partners like Vickery Meadow Food Pantry.

Rather than serving food, our food truck does the opposite!

Think of it as a food drive on wheels. 100% of your contribution goes toward reversing hunger in Dallas!

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Casa de Vida

Casa de Vida

Casa de Vida is a respite program for the caregiver of a loved one diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer's, being cared for at home.

With Alzheimer’s disease it can be said that there are two victims – the patient and the caregiver.  Medical care is available to the patient but, all too often, the caregiver struggles alone through the 24-hour task of caring for their loved one. Respite programs for caregivers are few and can be costly. 

Casa de Vida provides four hours of respite on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for individuals caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or related dementia who live at home. Open to persons of all faiths, races and ethnicities, Casa de Vida offers a breather to the caregiver, an opportunity to run errands, visit friends, shop, or just go home for a quiet time.

Currently enrolling for Spring. 

To learn more about Casa de Vida, please contact Ellen Mata, Director of Missions and Older Adult Programs.

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SoulFood Greenhouse

The vision for NorthPark's SoulFood Greenhouse grew from the roots of its predecessor, the SoulPatch organic vegetable garden, which was started by church members Keri & Shannon McCall and the Visions Sunday School class in the spring of 2011.
The new greenhouse now provides year-round, pesticide-free tomatoes for clients of the Vickery Meadow Food Pantry and other hunger relief agencies, as harvests allow.
Together with the Reverse Food Truck, SoulFood Greenhouse furthers the church's mission to put hunger in Dallas in the rear view mirror.
To learn more about the greenhouse, which is now fully operational, please contact project coordinator, Keri McCall.
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SoulFood Greenhouse
Cancer Pillow Ministry

Cancer Pillow Ministry

NorthPark's Cancer Pillow Ministry seeks to provide both physical and emotional comfort to women as they undergo mastectomies at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Each heart shaped pillow is lovingly made by hand knowing that the recipient will be experiencing pain and discomfort following her surgery.
Many cards and notes of appreciation arrive at the church. Here are a few excerpts:
"It has been my constant companion," says Ellen.
"You're so special to use your time in making these pillows that are so very useful," says Dianne.
"My surgery was in October but I still use them," writes Lynne.
The group meets the first Tuesday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. For more information please contact NorthPark volunteer Jean Wood.

Angel Food Ministry

NorthPark's Angel Food Ministry is comprised of church volunteers who meet on an as-needed basis to prepare home-cooked, freezer-ready meals for those in need.
This may include church members who are sick, have lost a loved one, or have recently welcomed a new baby. Meals are also prepared and made available for anyone who visits NorthPark and requests help feeding their family. 
The group meets at the church and utilizes our kitchen space for prep work, cooking and storing meals.
If you'd like to join the Angel Food Ministry, by volunteering to contribute menu items or cooking at the church, please contact NorthPark coordinator Marilyn Daily
Cancer Pillow Ministry