Would the Real Crazy Please Stand Up?

Posted by meclary on May 15, 2017

Lewis Sunset

Good Morning!

Did anyone besides me notice that somehow, when no one was looking, the demon named Crazy got loose on Monday?

I don’t know if someone purposefully took Crazy off the leash or if the chain broke, or what, but Crazy has run roughshod through my week. I even drove to Richardson, Texas, Tuesday morning for meetings to try and figure out how to contain Crazy only to find that Crazy had beaten me there by about an hour and had infected the entire office.

So, having had no luck in Richardson I drove back to Ruston, Louisiana, and found that yes, Crazy was still loose, terrorizing the countryside.

Clearly extraordinary steps will be needed to contain Crazy.

But then…

Last night I was flipping through photos on my phone and I came across one that was taken Monday night in the heat of battle from my office parking lot as we prepared to run Crazy down somewhere on I-20 Tuesday morning.

It then occurred to me that the demon I was trying to run down had an alias – Frank.

I had let myself become totally overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, and underwhelmed to the point of panic, at the perceived scarcity of resources I thought I had ready to do battle. Yes indeed, I was Crazy.

If I had only stopped to ponder the sunset, I’m pretty sure this was God’s way of saying put down the weapons of fear and impatience; let go of the burden of flawed perspectives, and relax – I got this.

Or, more to the point – I’ve got you.

So y’all should be relieved to hear that Crazy has once again been recaptured and is currently in solitary; and Frank is looking forward to the next sunset.

Frank Lewis is a longtime member and leader at NorthPark Presbyterian Church. He currently resides in Ruston, Louisiana with wife Jennie and their three children. 


Posted by Cherry Haymes on
Frank & Brent,
Thanks for sharing, fun, energetic, thought provoking "crazy"stuff, (like that from your heart and from your mind) devotional of the day. Many sunsets to you, my friends.
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