Where Have You Seen God This Week?

Posted by Brent.Barry on June 6, 2016


I felt God when I woke up this morning and had breath and the pulse of a heartbeat.

I saw God as a family was rescued from the flood waters of the Brazos River last Thursday.

I witnessed God in the meals and hugs and love shown recently for a friend who just lost her mother.

I think I heard God when I crawled out of bed for a 5:00 a.m. breakfast with my son before his school trip to Austin on Friday, and he paused in his tracks to say, “I really appreciate you.”

A driver on Walnut Hill let another car change lanes so as to not flood out their car last Wednesday. I think that was the kindness of God at work.

We have new tomatoes in our garden at home and new peaches and plums on our trees. That is a thing of God.

My daughter left for a summer camp yesterday that allows her to not worry about her Type 1 Diabetes for a few weeks. Camp Sweeney is truly a gift from God.

One place I have learned to see God every week (maybe more than any other) is at the communion table during our 8:30 a.m. worship service. When I came to NorthPark almost seven years ago, I was not sure about serving communion every Sunday. I thought it might take away the power of the Sacrament if I served and received communion every week. God has changed my mind on that.

One way to look at the act of communion is that we’re drinking a little Welsh’s grape juice and store-brought bread. But, when you come to the table every week, if you look closely, you see so much of God at work.

First you will see that there’s enough for everybody. God made enough for us all. Enough food, enough wine, enough love, enough grace. At this table no one takes more than they need, and everyone gets served. That’s what God wants for this world.

At the communion table all are welcome. People of immense faith and overwhelming doubt, people of different nationalities and colors, people who are straight, gay, transgender, people who differ on health care and immigration and sexuality and politics, people who think very differently all eating together, sharing a common cup. That can only be God at work.

At the communion table, there are no hot-button issues, just broken people. There is no shame to overcome, but there is forgiveness. There are no emails to return, no future to fear – only the very present moment when we stand humbly with our Lord.   

At the communion table, God is at work reminding us that Jesus Christ lives again and brings the promise of resurrection. It is the promise that love has defeated death; that death has no power over your loved ones’ lives or your own life. It is the sure and certain promise that we are in God’s hands, and in life and in death we belong to God.

That is what God is up to every week. God is at work in the flood, the car, the garden, in a child, in death, at camp and at the communion table. Where have you seen God this week? 

Rev. Brent A. Barry is the lead pastor of NorthPark Presbyterian Church. He encourages readers to join the conversation by leaving a comment or emailing him at the church.


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