What Does Your Table Look Like?

Posted by Martica.Luckey on May 6, 2020

In this week’s sermon Nicole told us about her favorite meal with her Grandmother and how it made her feel. It got me thinking about special meals with my family.


My favorite meals were at my Grandparents house.  Ninety percent of my family lived within 10 miles of my grandparents and many of them farmed with them so we saw each other pretty regularly.  The cousins all went to school together and worked together walking beans or baling hay. 

My favorite meal memory was of the holiday meals we would have at my Grandparents house. There are several reasons why.   

First is the food.  They were usually pot lucks which meant there was a lot of food and because most of them were different from what we made at our house they tasted even better.   Being one of the young and skinny kids I also got to go near the front of the line which means I not only got my pick of food, I also got seconds on the best that was left. I remember my Grandparents long table full of food.  The same table we would all sit around at lunch in the summer when we would be helping bale hay or walking beans. The table was the focal point of the kitchen.

Next was the break from work.  For city people having the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas break means a time to hang out, go sledding or take a trip.  On the farm it just meant you had time to do special projects of get ahead of cutting wood for the wood burning stove. So having a set time that we had to quit and clean up to go was a great thing.  
Finally it was the experience.  They varied depending on who was there, our ages and the weather but there was always an adventure.  It could be cob fights in the hay mow, a bag swing that would drop you twenty feet into a pile of hay or opening Christmas presents with almost everyone you were related to.

Food as more than sustenance is an important part of all our lives.  Now its your turn to share your favorite food/meal story with the rest of us.  Leave it in the comments below or share on the NorthPark Presbyterian Facebook page.

Chris Arends


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