What am I thankful for? Wayne Anderson

Posted by Chris.Arends on November 1, 2020


What are you thankful for?

During the month of November we are going to focus on thankfulness.  We will be having people tell us what they are thankful for.   If you have something you are thankful for and want to share contact me at carends@swbell.net.  

Some of us think of  Wayne Anderson as the guy who was always willing to do the goofy part in the youth or children skits during Sunday school, Vacation bible school or pageants.  

This week I reached out to Wayne Anderson to see what he is thankful for. Here are some thoughts from our conversation.

Chris Arends (CA): This has been such a weird year. It may be hard for people to be thankful but what are you thankful for these days? 

Wayne Anderson(WA): I am thankful that people are still being nice to each other. These are hard times but being nice is still important

CA: What time of day are you thankful for? 

WA: 7 AM.  Thankful every day to be able to get up. 

 CA:  What should other people be thankful for?

WA: Our church community is so special that people take it for granted. Also people need to be thankful for our country.  We have so much because we live in the United States.

CA: What have people done for you that you are thankful for? 

WA: First, Jean and Harry Wood have done so many things for Ann and me. We can’t thank them enough.  They have been so helpful and such good friends.

Secondly I am thankful for Walter Dunlap and the driving trips we took on Loop 12 and Belt Line Road which are actually full loops inside Dallas County.  Getting out and seeing so much of Dallas and how things have changed and how different parts of Dallas are from each other.

CA: What are you looking forward to? 

WA: My family getting together for the holidays.  Even though they are close by I always enjoy seeing them.  The most important thing is just being together, though the turkey with sage dressing and pumpkin pie with whipped cream are a close second.

 CA: What can people do to be more thankful?

WA: Don’t get caught up in life and look at the little things you take for granted, especially in these weird times when it is easy to focus on what we have lost and not on what is really important.

I really enjoyed learning more about Ann and Wayne.  They told me about when they first met and finishing school in Ohio.  How the couples in married student housing would pool their resources to have dinner parties, the 1956 car that their parents jointly bought for them to help them get on their feet.  I could tell that even though they didn’t have much that those were special times for them and that it helped them appreciate so much. 

 Wayne and I both enjoy college football, especially the teams from the midwest. Wayne likes watching golf and appreciates the skill the pros have in making the ball hook or slice at will.  Ann and Wayne have enjoyed having their grandkids grow up near them.  Watching them play sports from hockey, football, soccer to track or hearing their music is something they are both thankful for.

I am thankful that I was able to spend time with Wayne and Ann to hear their story.

If you have something you are thankful for and want to share, email me at carends@swbell.net



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