What am I thankful for? Judy Evans

Posted by Martica.Luckey on November 24, 2020

What am I thankful for by Judy Evans as told to Chris Arends

This Thanksgiving, sitting in my newly remodeled kitchen, I will be thinking of how different this Thanksgiving is compared to last year and what I am thankful for.

Family has always been very important to me.   Last Thanksgiving, we were blessed with my son and his girlfriend joining us. It had been several years since he had visited us so spending the holiday was a treat.  The opportunity to meet his girlfriend added to the occasion.  Despite how wonderful that was, I am thankful we are all making good decisions to stay safe this year. 

As I mentioned, I have a new kitchen due to major flooding in our house this fall.  Half of the house including the kitchen flooded requiring major remodeling meaning we would be out of that part of our house for almost two months. 

When I shared the news with my Deacon, David Oge, our Church family immediately stepped up to help us. Whether it was meals, shopping or doing small things around the house for us, we were so amazed by the love that came from our NorthPark family especially our Parish.    

We are so blessed that I couldn’t let this season go by without letting everyone know what a special family we have at NorthPark.  Having grown up in Dallas since I was four years old I have many old friends in Dallas.  Those relationships are dear to me but by the love and support of our Church family.  

Between the meals and the company, it helped us look past the fact that we had to use the bathroom to do the dishes and for water to cook with.

 11.22.20 Advent Drop-22a.jpg

To all of you who helped, I hope I have thanked you in person.  If not let me tell you how much your support meant to us. We are truly thankful for each and everyone in our NorthPark family.

Judy and Vernon Evans

November 24th


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