The Grinch that couldn't stop Easter

Posted by Chris.Arends on April 12, 2020

The first Easter morning was a great day for Christians but it was far from our greatest hour as followers of Christ.  That day there was a force that nearly had the power to stop Easter from happening.  

It wasn’t like the Grinch who thought that Christmas comes from a store,  It wasn’t like the Scrooge who had no compassion for others. It isn’t like COVID-19 that cancels Easter Egg hunts or shelter in place orders that force virtual Hallelujah Chorus sing alongs.  This force was with many early Christians on that day and it is with us today.  

The force I am referring to is none other than doubt.   

There was doubt when Mary’s found the Tomb empty.  There was doubt when the stranger confronted the Disciples on the road. There was doubt that God would protect the Disciples from the Romans.  Doubt that God would keep his promise to raise Jesus from the dead and forgive all our sins. 

Today as we face the challenges of the COVID 19 virus many of us have doubts.  Doubts of contracting the virus. Doubts of making rent or keeping businesses afloat.  Doubts of seeing our friends or family. Doubts of when or if we will ever get back to normal.

As we celebrate the joy of Easter,  are the doubts we have about COVID 19 really anything that the God that raised his only son after three days in the tomb can’t help us through?  Is believing that God won’t provide for us in these uncertain times beyond the God that promises everlasting life?  

While the challenges we face today are not insignificant, isn’t knowing we have a God that would give his only Son for us enough to wipe away any of the doubts we can face on Earth?  

As long as we have faith in the miracle of Easter what can COVID 19 really do to us?  Can it stop the courage of medical workers, grocery store clerks or delivery drivers? Can it stop the generosity of strangers who go to the grocery store or mow lawns?  Can it stop the creative spirit of those who find new ways to be together in virtual worship, virtual sing-a-longs or other shelter in place gatherings? Can it stop the love that God gives us to share with others?  

Doubt can be a very powerful thing.  It can be the Grinch and try to stop Christmas. Can it stop Easter?  Not 2000 years ago and not now, as long as we believe.


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