The Church Is On Fire!

Posted by Kelly.Staples on May 19, 2015

Girl on Fire

The church is on fire!

Okay, not literally, but it is time to talk about Pentecost and fire comes with the territory.

Pentecost is the celebration of the "descent" of the Holy Spirit. It takes place 50 days after Easter (hence the "pente"). I’ve always liked the Pentecost story because of its unintentional humor. When the Spirit allows the apostles to speak new languages, the people are so confused they figure the only explanation is intoxication. This group of crazy folk MUST be drunk. There’s no other explanation. And Peter, God bless him, responds to this accusation with, "but it’s only 9:00 in the morning!" It makes me giggle.

I think it’s a neat example of the passion we should have when serving the Lord. Sometimes we treat Pentecost like just another Sunday, or a day to wind down at the end of a busy school year. I know this is especially true since Pentecost falls over Memorial Day weekend this year. But Pentecost is a reminder of new world filled with the Holy Spirit and this Spirit, God’s active presence on Earth today, is pretty strange.

The Spirit can feel like the exhaustion that follows staying up all night doing something amazing that you’ll never forget, so that even though the sleepiness is deep in your bones, there’s a special energy vibrating in your chest.

The Spirit can sound like when you’re so excited about something that you’re talking much too fast to be understood, and you have to laugh and repeat yourself several times.

The Spirit can look so new and unlike anything "normal" that people tilt their heads and jokingly ask, "what have you been drinking?!"

The Spirit is not stagnant. The Spirit is not stale.

We should celebrate Pentecost with the exhausting energy of the Spirit, the motivation of the Spirit, and the creativity and innovation only God can provide.

So what will you do? What new vigor will you find? What passion will burn inside of you?

What fires will you light and where will they burn? How will you open yourself to the Holy Spirit on this special day?

The Spirit is stirring at NorthPark Presbyterian Church. Join us for Pentecost worship on Sunday, May 24th.


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