One Family's Call to Stewardship

Posted by meclary on November 8, 2016

Naixa Franquiz and John White
NorthPark members, Naixa Franquiz and John White

Dear friends,

During the past few weeks you have heard about our church's wonderful history and how our mission programs have touched and continue to improve the lives of others. You have all heard about our work with the Reverse Food Truck, which seeks to fight hunger by collecting donations of both food and money for our community partners like the Vickery Meadow Food Pantry.

You all know about Casa de Vida, which offers respite to caregivers of people diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer's. You know about our efforts with the Greenhouse and the heart touching work of our Cancer Pillow Ministry. I could go on exalting the wonderful work our church does via our missions and outreach and other supported missions, but I know you have heard about what this church has done and continues doing for others. I thought instead, this Sunday, I would share with you what our church and its congregation does and continues doing for my family.

Our family has been part of NorthPark Presbyterian for over two years. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to get to know many of you and enjoy your company. For those of you who don’t know me, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Naixa Franquiz. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to the continental United States when I was 25 years old. I am married to a wonderful man, John White. You have probably seen our 6-year-old twins, Chloe and Chase, running up and down the church aisles.

John and I moved our family from South Carolina to Dallas four years ago. At the time, we were spiritually adrift and searching for a connection with a church but not just any church. We were looking for a place where we could contribute, raise our children, and belong to a diverse and multi-generational congregation. Thanks to the fantastic work of M.E. Clary, my husband found NorthPark's website and it piqued his interest.

When we walked through the church doors, we immediately felt at home. From the warm welcome the deacons gave us during our initial visit, to the non-wavering support and love that we have enjoyed ever since.

My children are spoiled in this congregation, not in the material sense, but with attention, tenderness, patience, and love. They look forward to attending Sunday School and seeing their friends, and I'm not just talking about their peers. Our family is scattered throughout the United States, and as a result, and to my heartache, my children were growing up among wonderful friends, but without the important influence of grandparents and older role models. Our congregation has embraced our little ones and many of you have stepped forward to help fill in that void, for which John and I are extremely grateful. 

I have found immense joy in watching my children learn about God and His kindness. Like our story, I'm sure each and every one of you shares a personal connection with NorthPark and what it has meant and continues to mean for your family. I'm sure you have also experienced and witnessed the great kindness and outpouring of love and assistance that we give each other in times of need.

John and I have been blessed, and in true NorthPark fashion we want to pay it forward. We have made a commitment to supporting our church staff and programs by increasing our pledge while continuing our participation in the various volunteer opportunities that our different mission programs afford.

As we draw near to Commitment Sunday on November 13, I encourage you all to think not just about the incredible mission and outreach work our church does, but about our special connection with each other and what NorthPark means to each and every one of us.

Our thanks to Naxia for her sharing her personal account of commitment and relationship with NorthPark Presbyterian Church. Naxia and husband, John, live with twins Chloe and Chase in the Lake Highlands community. Naxia serves on the NorthPark Stewardship & Administration Committee and the NorthPark Day School Board of Directors, and John currently serves as a NorthPark Deacon. 


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