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Posted by Chris.Arends on December 8, 2020

Hope, faith, joy, and peace. These Advent messages are needed this year more than ever as people struggle with continued health concerns related to COVID-19, unprecedented loss, and a divided culture. Your NorthPark Session is holding fast to the promise of hope this season. At its meeting last week, the Session shared where they’ve experienced #morehope…

Anita Siegers experiences hope with every fresh, new day.

Elizabeth Fenimore tries to look at the world through the hopeful eyes of a child.

Chris Arends has recently experienced hope in seeing how people adapt to new situations.

Carol Peters has experienced hope in technology! “If this was 30 years ago,” she said, “we’d not be able to connect during a pandemic.”

Kambiz Afkhami hopes that we continue to have regular interaction with long distance family, even after Covid is over.

Cheryl Payton has noticed how Covid has forced us to re-evaluate our busy lives. She is hopeful that we continue to slow down prioritize what’s most important after Covid is over.

Beth Henderson brought it all back to God. “Hope,” she said, “is God with us. God has got it all worked out. We just have to listen.”

Where are you experiencing #morehope this Advent season?


During advent, become a hash-tagger of hope, peace, joy, and love.
Do you have a photo or a story about hope/peace/joy/love? Did you read something in the news that makes you hopeful/peaceful/joyful/loved? Share it with the world!
Create a post on your Facebook or Instagram account, mention NorthPark in the post or comment section (for Facebook use @northparkpresdallas / for Instagram use @northparkpres) and add one of the following hashtags:


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