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Posted by Chris.Arends on December 7, 2020

If anyone had a peaceful fall, come find me, I want to know your secret or where you were hiding.  Where can I find more peace?  Do I look inside myself?  Do I look to others?  Maybe I need to drive to the middle of west Texas?  

The last few years I got to the last week between Christmas and New Year’s and thought, I did it again.  I ran through Advent/Christmas without taking the time to reflect on the season and build the level of anticipation the season used to bring.  I don’t expect a big thrill in seeing Santa Claus or the anticipation of seeing unexpected gifts under a tree. 

Maybe I am beyond the thrills of Christmas. That doesn’t mean that Christmas isn’t important to me. I just want to find more peace in the season.   But what is peace?  Is it letting go of the pressure of gifts and family obligations?  Is it ignoring the news and political world?  Is it forgetting about all of those suffering without food, shelter or safety?

At this point I would take any of those even if it's just for a little while. As nice as that might be it isn’t the reality we live in.   

What I am trying to do to find more peace is focus on the things I can control.

  • I can take five or 15 minutes to pray for peace for myself, others and the world
  • I can make time to workout and release the stress of the world and just focus on being outside and on the physical task at hand.
  • I can reach out to a friend or family member to try and brighten their day
  • I can focus my thoughts on the real reason we wait for Christmas morning

This is a start of how I am looking to find more peace this Christmas season. What are you doing to find more peace this year?   


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