Jesus is a 4-year-old named Jordan

Posted by Kelly.Staples on June 9, 2015


Last Monday I was having the worst day. Not in a silly Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good way. It was an "I feel like a failure" day:

I’d had a rough weekend, coordinating and overseeing a youth lock-in.

I’d spent Sunday lethargic and achy from lack of sleep the evening before. 

My baby stood up, for the first time, and I missed it. 

I had a big fight with my husband.

So Monday morning, things were already tense. I’d gotten up 30 minutes early because there was a lot to do in the morning and yet, as departure time flashed on the clock I was nowhere near ready. My working mother guilt had led me to volunteer to take the baby to daycare because she was starting a new class, and I wanted to meet her teachers.

And while I was hanging up her diaper bag, I realized I’d forgotten her bottles on the kitchen counter. So back home and back to day care I went.

I was definitely going to be late for staff meeting.

I ran into a friend of mine in the hallway and I lost it. I was an angry, tearful, shaking, mess. I ranted, and I raved, and I disparaged just about everything in my life. Truly no one was safe, and my pent up frustration led me to say something really horrible about someone I care about.

And then my phone dinged in my pocket. I pulled it out and to my horror saw that it had recorded that one awful line as a verbal text message and was waiting on confirmation to send it TO THAT PERSON. 

It was like the storm had broken, or the sun had just come up. I was very close to doing serious harm. I carefully canceled that poisonous barb of a recording and stowed my phone safely in my purse. 

Then there was sadness.

My friend and I just stood in shock at what had almost happened. Even she, who usually has an encouraging word, clearly had nothing to say.

And then Jesus hugged me. 

Well not in the flesh, but at that moment I felt the distinct sensation of arms wrapped around my legs and the gentle squeeze of reassurance. I looked down and saw a little boy, about 4-years-old, hugging me. 

"It’s okay. It’s going to be okay."

His innocent eyes looked up into mine. He gave me a little smile, and I almost melted into a puddle.

"Thank you! Aren’t you the sweetest!?! What’s your name?"

His name was Jordan and it was his first day of day school. My friend, a teacher at the school, had been showing him around. I’d been so upset that I didn’t come close to noticing the small person following her around. 

As I left the day care building I decided to start my day over. And it really was because Jordan said it was going to be okay.  Jordan didn’t know me, he didn’t know my day. When he looked at me he didn’t see a frazzled mom, an angry wife, or someone who had nearly sent a terrible text message. He saw ME, a child of God who needed a hug and a reminder that there is good in the world.

I’m pretty sure Jesus was behind the whole thing because that’s how Christ sees us: as fellow children of God. We are not defined by our faults or our sins. We are defined by who we were created to be and there is nothing in the world ‒ nothing from the worst day ever ‒ that can take that away.


Posted by Lee on
Kelly, this is a powerful message, one that I think most folks would find relatable. Praise be to God for hugs and His enduring love and presence!
Posted by Barbara Seale on
Sheryl Sandberg's got nothing on you, Kelly. Different styles, but just as much power. This was a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing your horrible/wonderful day.
Posted by Glenna on
Kelly, what a wonderful story and the comfort this brings
to know that God takes care of us regardless of what happens. Thank you for sharing.
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