Friday Fish Tales part 6 Darkness before the light

Posted by Chris.Arends on March 26, 2021

Have you ever been in the church at night?  I’m not talking about after a committee meeting when the lights are on.  I’m talking about the middle of the night when no one is around and all the lights are off. Some nights it is so dark you can’t see your fin in front of your face. It is so quiet the air conditioner seems to roar like a hurricane.  When no one is around and it's dark, even a church can be a scary place.


Most people don’t like being in the dark and alone, especially in a strange place. Not knowing what might be lurking there.  Not knowing when the lights will come back on.  How long is it until  sunrise? Will anyone come back?

Sometimes I wonder how Jesus felt in the tomb?  Was it cold and dark?  Was he alone before the angels came? Did knowing God’s plan comfort him? 

Jesus dying on the cross and facing a lonely death made sure that we won’t be alone in the dark. Even though we don’t know all of God’s plans for us we have faith in the final outcome.  We know that death is not the end and that there will be light at the end for all of us.  Yet we are often afraid of the unknown, lose faith in God and become overwhelmed by the world around us.

As we come to the end of this Lenten season and are focused on the glory of Easter morning.  Let’s make sure we understand what Jesus did by facing death and remember that all year long as we face our daily trials.

Swimming to daylight, 



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