Friday Fish tales part 5 - Something new

Posted by Chris.Arends on March 18, 2021

It was spring when I first came to NorthPark.   Everything was new to me. The weather, the people, the sanctuary.  

Every week they would film worship and I would get to meet a new person who is doing the liturgy.  After a while it became a routine. A fresh face but no one permanent. Don’t get me wrong, there is comfort in routine but sometimes we all crave something new. 


Our reformation is really old.  Like all sinners sometimes we stray from it or try to see what else might be out there.  Maybe we just get bored with the same old thing. In the end we keep coming back to the same core beliefs that started City Temple so long ago.  Strange to think about how many times the Lent and Easter stories have been told. We all respond differently to hearing the same stories over and over again.  Some of us go through the motions.  Others push ourselves to find a new spark in old stories but just don’t quite get there.  The lucky of us find the same joy year after year,  

 Could we all be looking for something old to be new again?   How are you making Lent and the Easter story new in your heart this year?

 Looking for fresh water,



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