A fish story by Louis Walker

Posted by Martica.Luckey on September 16, 2020

It was a cold Saturday morning, but the early spring morning was clear and a delightful day to throw on the leathers and helmet, and hop on the motorcycle for a refreshing ride across town.  Arriving at the church for my regular ‘tickling of the non-ivories’, I went to the Choir office, removed all the layers of protective gear, pulled out my Contigo travel mug full of French Roast, and changed into my organ shoes.  After a hearty gulp of java, I was sufficiently fortified to pull out copies of the selected hymns and headed for the organ console.  Unloading Sunday’s music selections from my shoulder bag and organizing the order to practice the music selections, I raised the roll-top covering the console and keyboards.  My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets!  What in the world?  There was a 14” fish resting on the keyboards!!! 


Ah, a mystery that required solving!  Who in the world has been messing with the instrument?  My mind was racing.  Could it be Tinsley?... way too obvious.  Carol?... she would never think of playing a joke on me.  Greg?... good possibility, but he knows I’m pretty persnickety about the instrument.  Ellen?... now she was moving into the first place.  But none of them really clicked.  With two hours passed, four pieces practiced, and several bolstering swigs of French Roast, my head was clearer.  Then it hit:  It was Nicole! 

The fog finally lifted – on the previous Wednesday, Nicole had used the fish as part of a supporting visual aid within service recording.  The fish had been left behind and I figured it just could NOT be left unattended and needed a safe storage place.  I placed it somewhere that, I hoped, Nicole would not notice and then it would mysteriously ‘show up’ in a future recording.  Alas, it was noticed – so much so that it somehow ‘swam’ to the organ console.  That was the beginning….

After a good belly laugh (pretty scary to hear yourself laugh out loud in an empty sanctuary), the idea was spawned to introduce the fish during each recording.  The reason?  I love humor and smiles (and we kind of really need more of that right now…) – and I love having something just slightly different to make sure to keep people on their toes.  I thought that we could start something that would encourage kiddos and adults to have something to look for when we are enjoying virtual services. 

What started out as a prank has turned into something rather fun.  Martica and Stuart took the fish one day and fashioned a stylish mask.  Worship Leaders have selected places to position the fish for a service.  Other times, people at a service recording session are ‘assigned’ responsibility to find a new and fun place to position the fish.  The fish has also showed up on out-takes posted to Facebook when we needed a good chuckle!

So what’s next?  Mr./Ms. Fish needs a name!  Send in your suggestions, or ideas where Mr./Ms. Fish should show up in a recording.

In the meantime, thank you for letting us have a little bit of fun and to help us adjust through these new and different times – until we can be back together, we just truly love serving you each week, enjoying our Wednesday night recording fellowship, and most of all – having a smile at the same time!

Blessings to each of you!



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