Eyes On The Prize

Posted by Tom.Blackwood on June 29, 2015


I'm a tool of the devil. I'm an apostate. I'm a libtard. I'm everything wrong with America, and I am guilty of it all.

I'm anti-Christian. I'm anti-Bible and anti-whatever-you-got. What most of my critics don't know is that worst of all, I'm a grammar Nazi, but I try to keep that secret.

I'm a bad person. Big shock.

I survived the great Facebook Unfriending of 2015. I hope you did also.

Now I'm ready for a quiet week. I don't think that's going to happen, but I can always hope.

I'm going to be quiet. I hope others will be, too. I'm ready for overreaction to simmer back to reaction and eventually cool off to quiet contemplation. I'm actually ready for cat videos. Show me what you fixed for dinner. Grandkids and puppies? Bring 'em on.

It's good for people to speak their minds. It can be cathartic. But, I ask a favor. Speak your mind, not the mind of God. As believers, we can speak to God, and about God, but never for God. God will handle that.

As they said in the Civil Rights movement, "Keep your eyes on the Prize."

Don't be distracted from the main task. Brent read his message in worship Sunday about people of all political stripes coming together at NorthPark Presbyterian to worship and to do the work that Jesus tells us to do.

Then he gave us the remarkable stats on the first nine months of the Reverse Food Truck. Eyes on the prize.

The Soul Food Greenhouse can now start construction. Eyes on the prize.

The Sunday School hour featured Meds for Africa and Paper for Water and what has been accomplished and what is yet to be done. Eyes on the prize.

If someone comes after you with "Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers" calmly reply with "Rice, Tuna, Peanut Butter, Mac & Cheese."

No matter what happens in the world, our instructions are still clear. Love one another. Love your neighbor as yourself. Speak in love. Feed, clothe, visit, help.

I love you all. There are only two things in my sinful life that I hate; tomato yellow blight and squash vine borers. Other than those, God is good all the time.

Okay. Three ‒ making the wrong selection of "I" and "me" when one is a subject and one is the object of the verb.

Peace, please.


Posted by Susan Fair on
Nice blog Tom! thank you!
Posted by M.E. on
"Love your neighbor as yourself. Speak in love. Feed, clothe, visit, help." Thank you, Tom.
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