Easter Is Still Happening

Posted by Kelly.Staples on April 9, 2015

Eastertide 50 Days

Hey folks, I’ve got exciting news for you... It’s still Easter.

That’s right, Easter is not just one day of the year, but an entire season of the church year. So whatever you want to call it: Eastertide, The Great 50 Days, or even "Sundays with the white liturgical paraments," it’s here.

Alleluias all around!

So what does this mean? 

This year as a church we really explored what it meant to participate in Lent. We did things like "putting away" our alleluias, meditated on daily devotionals, reaffirmed our baptisms, and participated in service activities – all in preparation to rededicate ourselves and fully experience Easter.  So let’s get our Easter on for the next 50 days.

Dr. Mark D. Roberts writes, "{Individuals} can still do things to celebrate the resurrection. For example, if Lent is a season for fasting (giving up something positive), Easter is a season for feasting (adding something positive to your life.) So, if you gave up chocolate for Lent, in Eastertide you might intentionally eat chocolate, enjoying the goodness of life and remembering that joy of the life to come. (Note: Easter is not a time for pigging out, but rather to affirm the delight of God-given life.) Or you might put a vase of flowers someplace where you’ll see it regularly."

Eastertide, like Lent is a time of intentionality. This is our time to be intentional in the way we revel in God’s grace, the way we celebrate the defeat of death, and the way we live into our identity as children of God. So, DO SOMETHING!

This year I’ve set weekly reminders on my phone to: count my blessings, to call a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while, to take a break and recharge, and to participate in an act of generosity. These are set throughout the week at different times and hopefully, will encourage me to really participate in the season instead of letting it fly by without acknowledgement.

I’m also incorporating Easter hymns into my evening lullabies for my daughter (despite her young age I could tell she was getting sick of the "What Wondrous Love"/"Were You There"/"Deep Were His Wounds" medley from Lent.)

In the following weeks, we’ll look more into the intentionality of this season and ways to make The Great  50 Days a great experience.

Christ is risen!  Alleluia!


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