A day in the life - Tinsley Silcox

Posted by Martica.Luckey on August 30, 2020

What is a day in the life for Tinsley during COVID? 

Every morning I walk for 1.2 miles before it gets really hot. I try and compose a bit every day. I wrote a new piece for the choir and can’t wait to work on it with them! Every Wednesday I go to church and record hymns and other music for Sunday; also look for recordings of anthems from years past and engage our section leaders in providing solos and quartets.

What do you miss most during COVID?

Music—choral music. Rehearsing, conducting, and the fellowship of the choir.

What is the biggest blessing?

Slowing down!

What has surprised you during COVID?

Positive surprise-how we have all pulled together and are working to keep our church, our music, our spirit. Negative surprise- how not everyone works to end this quickly by following the rules.

What has been the biggest challenge?

Staying positive with all of the changes and challenges. It is sometimes overwhelming to try and do a job that the science says we can’t right now (choral singing)

Who has been your hero during this time?

Every healthcare worker in the country.


Where are you spending your time?

Who are you at home with? At home in Richardson. Last day I saw my students was March 12. Church choir shortly after. Until quite recently always at home except for the grocery store. It’s been Joe and me at home for almost 6 months.


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