A day in the life - Martica Luckey

Posted by Chris.Arends on October 5, 2020

What is a day in the life for Martica during COVID?

This season during the pandemic has created challenges and opportunities for me. My work load increased a great deal because of the obvious necessity for creating online worship opportunities. I serve part time at NorthPark Presbyterian, Lake Highlands United Methodist, and SMU’s Office of the Chaplain, so I spend many hours filming and editing video content each week. While the workload has been heavy, I feel so fortunate to have a lot of work to do since so many others are currently unemployed.

 What do you miss most during COVID? 

I miss the freedom of going to my gym! I love attending dance and other exercise classes, and I have not been able to because it is a high risk activity. I will say that the long hours at home have given me the opportunity to greatly improve my yoga headstand skills :-).


What is the biggest blessing?

The health of my family is the greatest blessing during this difficult season. With so many lives lost to COVID 19, I am more grateful than ever that my family is healthy and safe.

What has surprised you during COVID?

I have been surprised by the ways communities of faith have remained committed to community and corporate worship despite the inability to gather in traditional ways. The creativity and resilience of the church have been encouraging.

What has been the biggest challenge?

The uncertainty of these difficult times has been the greatest challenge. Not knowing when life may return to some level of normalcy is difficult and tiring.

Who has been your hero during this time?

I would have to say that Nicole has been a true inspiration to me during this time. I have truly admired the way she has navigated these troubling times with a leadership approach that balances spirituality along with scientific data and common sense.

Where are you spending your time?  Who are you at home with?

These days I spend the first few days of each week recording video footage for the various services I produce. The second half of the week is dedicated to long hours of editing at home. My husband, David, and my son, Miles, are also sheltering at home with me. My miniature Schnauzer, Honey, has also been faithful to nap next to me through all my long hours of editing.


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