A day in the life - Kathy McCarron

Posted by Chris.Arends on July 20, 2020

This is the first of a series of blogs where we highlight our hard working staff and discuss how they are serving us and how they are getting through the pandemic.  In this edition we talk with Kathy McCarron - Director of Children Education.

What is a day in the life for Kathy during COVID-19? 

Each day usually includes at least one Zoom call with either children or youth as well as staff, CE, and DS board meetings. I also meet twice a month online with educators from the presbytery and occasionally catch a webinar or Zoom meeting with organizations about ministry topics during COVID-19.

I develop the children's moments for worship and record that each week, hopefully in less than 10 takes! I also collect material for the Friday worship email for families to do at home with their children.

There's also the opportunity to spend time reading curriculum, previewing books for book studies, and planning for the new program year.

What do you miss most during COVID-19? 

Spending lots of time with my grandchildren.


What is the biggest blessing?

More time to really reflect. My hope is I will not allow myself to lose those intentional quiet moments in the future.

What has surprised you during COVID- 19?

It really didn't surprise me the way our congregation embraced online worship and creatively meeting on Zoom. However, knowing how challenging change can be for many of us and how the potential for frustration can be there for some, I guess you can say it has been a nice "non" surprise that the folks at NPPC have been so supportive and engaged.

What has been the biggest challenge?

Trying to keep our dog from barking when I record Moments for Children. Seriously, it's a challenge for me not to be angry and feel sorry for myself that I have to keep our son at arms length when he comes through from out of town and that we have to be super careful about spending time with our other daughter and her family. I know there are others who are in more difficult situations so I do need to keep my frustrations in check.

Who has been your hero during this time?

My daughter Katy. She and her husband right away made shifts in their home so that all the children sleep in one room and the third room is set up for school and work. While being completely honest with their children about why this is happening, Katy and her husband have been creative in how they have moved through this with adventures and how they help the children during their frustrations. They are also being intentional on preparations for school as they plan keep them home in the fall. Their hope is the children will remember this time as a special time for their family. I appreciate their ability to mourn and then embrace the circumstances. (My husband and I are baffled as to where she developed that gift!)

Where are you spending your time?  Who are you at home with?

Our household includes me, my husband, Mike, and our daughter, Klarice. Klarice just completed some courses online to hopefully get her ready to attend school in the fall to study zoology and animal conservation.


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