A day in the life - Ellen Mata

Posted by Martica.Luckey on August 2, 2020

What is a day in the life for Ellen during COVID?

My days are filled with zoom meetings, phone calls, and emails. Most days I have two to three zoom meetings which include: weekly staff meetings, Casa de Vida sessions, a weekly meeting with the leadership in Vickery Meadow, conversations with respite programs throughout the DFW area, lunch and learns or updates from our benevolence programs and how they are operating during this time, and finally updates on the resources in our community to share with those in need.

 Mission committee continues to meet monthly. Currently, Mission Endowment Grants are due on July 31 and the committee will begin making decisions on how to best distribute those dollars.

Throughout the week I receive many calls asking for financial assistance. This is one of the hardest transitions from office to home as I have had to use my personal phone to make contact with the individual and figuring out how to keep privacy while helping those in need has been difficult.

What do you miss most during COVID?  

I miss meeting with people in person from church members on Sunday to Casa de Vida families each week. I am thankful to see so many on Zoom, but I miss seeing each of you in person.

On a personal side, I miss seeing my mom.  My mom has dementia and moved to Assisted Living at PVN last September.  While I’m so thankful that we can visit on the phone daily I miss her hugs and I feel a little guilty as I know she needs a spa day.  

What is the biggest blessing?

More time to myself and becoming more intentional and thoughtful in how I move forward. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to attend more programs via zoom and learn about issues and organization I’m interested in.

On a personal note, I have loved the extra time with my family. We were so busy going to work/school, practices, meetings and concerts that we often met each other coming and going.  I love that we now eat as a family most nights, and enjoy our family walks, and fun.

What has surprised you during COVID?

I don’t think I allowed myself to think about how long social distancing would last and the effects it would have on our most vulnerable and older adult population.

What has been the biggest challenge?

How to better serve our older adult population during this time and their adult children, like myself who are trying to figure out how to safely interact and get them moving both cognitively and physically.

Who has been your hero during this time?

The ministries of NPPC. Each group has worked diligently on finding ways to continue. I am at awe and amazed by their dedication, hard work, and creative ways they continued to provide to our community.

Casa de Vida has held four sessions a week since early April

Reverse Food Truck has collected 2,178 lbs. since May

Soulfood Greenhouse harvested tomatoes until the middle of July

Cancer Pillow Ministry and the First Responders’ Breakfast are continuing to devise a plan once NPPC opens


Where are you spending your time?  Who are you at home with?

 The Mata crew resides in McKinney, TX and includes my husband, Mike, and our high school teenagers Jackson (16 years old) and Katie (14 years old).  We were fortunate to get a break this summer and spent a week in Purgatory, Colorado (ski resort just outside Durango).


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