A day in the life - Cheryl Cunningham

Posted by Martica.Luckey on September 27, 2020

What is a day in the life for Cheryl during COVID? 

Each day is different, but here's how I typically spend time:

  • Begin each week watching Sunday's worship service.
  • Post attendance following worship to our computer system. (Why you should "check in")
  • Attend St. Andrew's Sunday school class (via zoom).
  • Attend each Monday's staff meeting (via zoom).
  • Go into the church office each Tuesday to sign and pickup checks that La Roy has issued on Monday, print and mail the previous Friday's eNews and the Monday eNews to our few members who are unable to get it electronically, and do a few other tasks while there. 
  • Attend Nicole's Wednesday Bible study (via zoom)
  • Gather with two friends every Friday night in my back yard for food and fellowship
  • Attend a monthly book club gathering (via zoom)
  • Attend a monthly "Wine, Women & the Word" study (via zoom)
  • Attend monthly Women's Circle study (via zoom)
  • Spend a lot of time reading books and watching (too much) TV

What do you miss most during COVID?

  • Freedom to travel outside the United States
  • Getting together with friends for playing bridge, mah jongg, and Mexican train 
  • Dining out at restaurants
  • Attending in-person Sunday school & worship services

What is the biggest blessing?

  • Spending more time than usual with my grandchildren (especially during the summer).
  • Spending time on the weekends with family in my backyard swimming pool (that has had more use this summer than in previous years)

What has surprised you during COVID?

  • The length of time that this pandemic has lasted and the huge toll it has taken on the U.S. and the world.
  • How we are at least able to stay connected through zoom.

Where are you spending your time?

Cheryl Colorado2.jpg

This summer when I was not doing all the things I've previously mentioned, I was very lucky to have a chance to take some trips with family and friends.  Since mid-July, I have gone to Galveston with my daughter, Kelly, and her family. The day I returned, I went to Durango, Colorado with my daughter, Kerry, and her family. In mid-August, I went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas with 3 college sorority sisters, and at the end of August, I traveled to Estes Park, Colorado to spent time with 3 church friends.  During each trip, we did a lot of cooking since we never went to any restaurants--not the typical way I like to roll on trips!  But we did eat well and had a lot of fun visiting and playing games. I'm home for the long haul now with no trips planned until next July.  Hopefully, I'll get to take that trip to Jamaica!    


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