Advent Devotional: December 8

Posted by meclary on December 8, 2016

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What’s Over Your Rainbow?

The classic song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is about a wonderful world where “the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” Don’t we all have a dream somewhere over our personal rainbow, that is, far away, seemingly unattainable? The people of Israel had a dream “over the rainbow” of a messiah. Isaiah says the dream of the Messiah will come true. And he predicts the family tree, how the Messiah will judge, and what a peaceable kingdom will come. He does leave out one important detail: WHEN THIS WILL HAPPEN.

Of course, the answer is, “In God’s time.” Which, it turns out, was several hundred years, and many generations later.

Advent reminds us of this long wait for the light of Jesus to come into the world, rewarding the faith of the people. Advent reminds us of the hope Jesus brought into the world. Advent reminds us that we have the responsibility to act on Jesus’ teachings.

What’s over your rainbow? A world where everyone has adequate food? A world where all races are respected? A world where war is made no more? The promise of scripture is that these dreams will come true – but the promise does not include a WHEN. So we each, even though just one person, work, with the help of the Holy Spirit, toward the dream over our rainbow, confident that we are part of God’s plan and timetable. Every one of us can, with the Holy Spirit, move the world towards God’s kingdom. Edward Everett Hale said it this way:

I am only one,
But I am one;
I cannot do everything,
But I can do something;
The something I ought to do,
I can do;
And by the grace of God, I will.

In Christ,
Bill Perry, NorthPark Elder


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