12.6 Advent Devotional

Posted by meclary on December 6, 2014

First Week Advent Candle

Today's Advent Devotional, on Psalm 80:6, is written by Anita Siegers.

Anita is a longtime NorthPark member, along with husband Rolf and children Hannah, Emily and Dylan. Anita is a current Session member and chairs the NorthPark Mission Committee.

You make us the scorn of our neighbors; our enemies laugh among themselves.

Am I scorned? Is there someone or some group out there truly laughing at me? In my safe lifestyle, how often have I really put myself 'out there'?

These are all questions which I really don't want to think about answering. Where I live and breathe daily, weekly, annually I am comfortable and protected in my Christianity. Were I born in another part of this world, I might actually know what it means to be scorned. But not here, in Dallas in 2014.

Each of us is called by Christ to risk scorn for our beliefs. How does one start that habit of risk taking? 

Come on, this is the holiday season, everyone just wants relax and celebrate the end of a busy year.

Is the first step not laughing at the tasteless racial joke of a fellow party goer?

Perhaps handing some peanut butter crackers and a piece of fruit to the homeless person at the corner of Greenville and Southwestern who you avoided eye contact with for weeks?

Maybe it’s skipping the big family gift and instead making a donation of your family's time and money to a local food pantry or shelter. 

Lord, please help me be less comfortable with the discomfort in this world.



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