12.10 Advent Devotional

Posted by meclary on December 10, 2014

Advent Week Two

Today's Advent Devotional, on Isaiah 40:1, is written by Katie North.

Katie attends the University of Texas at Austin and is currently in her senior year. She volunteers regularly with Young Life and has been a member of NorthPark since high school.

Isaiah 40:1 "Comfort, O Comfort my people, says your God."

This season represents so much to so many. It is a time of joy, of generosity, of giving, and indeed, of celebration for the coming of our King. It is a time of excitement, wonder, and light as we gather with family and friends to share stories, make memories, and give thanks for all that we have and will have. This time of year is anticipated and awaited by many, and that is a magical thing.
However, this season can also remind us of things we have lost. Empty seats at the table and silent phones serve as reminders of broken relationships and loved ones taken too soon. Christmas can be a reminder of the ache in our hearts when things beloved go missing. 
But to this, the Lord speaks.

He has had a plan all along to restore our most precious relationship – the one between us and Him.

When pieces go missing, we are still whole in Him.

Redemption comes through the one essential Piece we all need. And that Piece came to earth as a baby boy.
Comfort, O Comfort, my people, says your God. 

Listen to His voice of Comfort today and throughout this season.


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