12.1 Advent Devotional

Posted by Kelly.Staples on December 1, 2014

First Week Advent Candle

Psalm 80:3 "Restore us, O God; let your face shine, that we may be saved"

Over and over in Psalm 80 we hear the chorus "Restore us, O God; let your face shine, that we may be saved." I feel like this all the time, during elections, while watching the news, while calculating my finances, when the Christmas commercials started the last week of October, and I certainly feel like that now. Advent is a time of excitement and preparation, but it’s also a little sad. It’s cold, it’s dark, nature is dying around us, and the holidays make even old losses feel fresh.

I want light to shine, and I know it will on Christmas Eve. We’ll light the candles and sing…  But I feel a kindred spirit to the psalmist who isn’t just asking for salvation or tidings of good fortune, he wants to be restored. I want to be restored, too.  Advent for me is a time to pray for restoration.

I pray that God will restore my faith when the craziness of consumerism creeps into my life. I pray that those around me who are suffering from illnesses of body and spirit will know restoration of their health. I pray that conflicts will cease and emotional wounds will be healed. But most of all I want to restore my family as I grieve those who have joined the saints of the church. And like Christmas is inevitable, this restoration is as well, and it’s made possible through the actions of One who loves us so deeply that he was born as one of us and all the darkness that entails. 

In Christ Jesus we are restored. God’s face shines upon us, and we are saved.


Posted by Ty Gomez on
Thanks for this thought provoking reflection. It seems that as Christians, it feels like we are always living in a time of preparation and waiting. I've never thought of Advent as a time marked by sadness, but this causes me to think about the similarities and differences between Lent and Advent.
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